GetPersonaPhotoHello! My name is Rachel Nadaskay. I am a former electrical engineer, and I am passionate about helping students of all ages understand, enjoy, and excel at any math level.

I am providing Algebra I and Geometry classes through the Jackson Tutorial, as well as private tutoring for any math level through Calculus. For more information on the classes, see the 2019-2020 School Year page, or the Private Tutoring page for tutoring details.

My goal in teaching math students is to provide a solid foundation to prepare students for future math courses in college and life beyond their education. It is well worth the effort on the part of the parent and the student to pursue a full mathematics education through high school. Tennessee graduation requirements include four years of math education in high school, to include Algebra I, II, Geometry, and a fourth upper level math class. A comprehensive mathematics foundation enables your student to pursue any course of study in college, as well as gives them a strong start in their adult life. Even if your student is not sure if they will attend college after high school, much less pursue a degree that would require advanced math study, I believe in empowering all high school students with the required high school math coursework so their life choices are not limited.